• Bubble reactivate sensor

    Firmware 2.2 includes the restart function for libre 1 sensors.

    Diabox Bubble libre 1

    Click the image of the sensor 5 times on the sensor details pages.
    it will trigger Bubblan to reactivate the Libre 1 sensor automatically. (only possible with libre 1)

    This is highly experimental wich can cause the sensor to break permanently.
    There is no guarantee for accuracy and DO NOT use it to make any medical decisions.
    All consequences are at your own risk.

    Bubble CGM kit 129€
  • New stickers for Bubblans antenna📡

    Stickers for the summer?

    This new antenna sticker comming to ✌️💧 stay safe🙏

  • How to setup Bubble and Diabox

    Download link to Diabox app
    iOS In-house test :
    Android GooglePlay:

  • News libre 1 sensors can be reactived after 14 days to last up to 24 days.

    Bubble and Diabox app will have a new free feature for libre 1 sensors to extend the lifetime.

    ❌disclaimer. there might be noise readings and accuracy not the best after 14.

    Note this will be in the next few updates.

    and more information in later patch notes

  • 💡Tips, How to fix no sensor error

    1️⃣📡 first scan wiht librelink app to make sure the libre sensor is working.
    2️⃣ Look how
    you attached the Bubble to the libre sensor. see picture

    Where to buy Bubblan

    Bubble xdrip
  • Another firmware update both ios and android

    Info update FW 2.1 for bubble and diabox💥 only💥 (for the moment no xdrip+ and xdri4ios )

    1/ for ios download the zip file and use nrf connect (on apple store) close diabox before.

    2/ for Android download the .APK file and execute it , close diabox before

  • Android update ; Diabox
    Bubblan diabox


    Firmware Update 2.0 fixes connection issues.

    The A2 sensor interpret

    Notification bug update

    Follower mode freeze bug.

    Speech readings wiht threshold.


    Swedish language.

  • Miaomioa vs Bubble

    comparison sheet

  • ❓bug❓dual tracking ID emails

    • use the last emails tracking id and update me if you get more delivery notifications

  • Bubblan back in stock

    Bubble CGM back in stock. starting to send out backorders this week, I hope to fix the tracking id Email.

    You can order now here 👉 bubblan


    Bubblan CGM kit

    Waterproof & Rechargeable Compatible with all major applications.

    one full charge will last you 14 Days.

    Lightweight & Ultrathin All in one gadget for consistent and accurate glucose readings Approved Medical Sticker, safe for sensitive skin. Information provided at the ease of a click.

    NFC 15693 Compatible with Libre Sensor

    Bluetooth 5.0 Compatible with Android&iOS

    40 * 29 * 6.8/ 6g Streamlined Designs 80 mah Battery 5000 Readings per charge

    Magnet Power On/Off Auto-Reset with Power On

    Adhesive/Band Fixed Mode Elastic Velcro Allergy Protection

     It can detect and read Libre1, Libre2, Libre Pro/H, Libre US 10 days version, US 14 days

    Android 4.4 and higher, iOS 8.0 and higher

    For Libre1, it can read 5000 times with a working sensor

    IP67 Protection Against Water Intrusion it means that it can be submerged in fresh water up to a maximum depth of one meter for 30minutes at most.


    Android  Xdrip+ , DiaBox  for useLibre 2/US14/pro/h

    iOS: DiaBox, supports all sensors (app on testflight)

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  1. Apologies as I must have missed it. How do I update the firmware on my Bubble?

    1. Its done using Diabox, you can forget the device and then rescan to apply the upgrade.

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