Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits - How often do we have perfect trends for long periods, but sometimes we stop doing healthy...

bubble mini with cable

Bubble re-stock 2022-09-08

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Turbocharge Your Heroku App with Fly

Turbocharge Your Heroku App with Fly

Upgrade a Heroku application with and get 60%...

Diabox, Installation for iOS (sideloadly)

Diabox for Iphone - Easier living with Diabetes See the installation video below

How to DIY install DiaBox on your iOS Device

diabetic check


Why calibration?  The intent of calibration is to match blood glucose levels between Interstitial fluid (where the sensor is inserted to...
bubble stock

Meditating and keeping calm will positively impact your sugar levels!

There are more ways to control sugar levels beyond diet and exercise! Meditating and keeping calm will positively impact your...

Save money with Bubblan mini

Many people living with diabetes around the world don't have access to medical insurance, but adopting technology can reduce costs...
Automatic readings Bubble mini

Automated readings every 5 minutes!

Bubble Mini is going to give you automated readings every 5 minutes and alerts but remember finger sticks tests are...
Bubblan monitor

Improve glucose levels!

You can improve glucose levels only if you know your trends! Bubble Mini it's a helpful tool for those who...