Product Description


Waterproof & Rechargeable Compatible with all major applications.

one full charge will last you 14 Days.

Lightweight & Ultrathin All in one gadget for consistent and accurate glucose readings

Approved Medical Sticker, safe for sensitive skin. Information provided at the ease of a click.
(3M 9917)

NFC 15693 Compatible with Libre Sensor

Bluetooth 5.0 Compatible with Android&iOS

40 * 29 * 6.8/ 6g Streamlined Designs 80 mah Battery 5000 Readings per charge

Magnet Power On/Off Auto-Reset with Power On

Adhesive/Band Fixed Mode Elastic Velcro Allergy Protection

It can detect and read Libre1, Libre2, Libre Pro/H, Libre US 10 days version, US 14 days

Android 4.4 and higher, iOS 8.0 and higher

For Libre1, it can read 5000 times with a working sensor

IP67 Protection Against Water Intrusion it means that it can be submerged in fresh water up to a maximum depth of one meter for 30minutes at most.

Bubble - Bubblan - Diabox phone app
bubbblan cable
bubble pack
Diabox CGM diabetes Libre