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Bubble Diabox
  • A revolutionary device Take control of your blood glucose levels wherever you are just having a look at your mobile phone
  • BG Levels Auto Check Bubble helps your blood glucose control by checking your levels automatically every five minutes and sending them to your mobile.
  • Beautiful & Safe design Bubble has been beautifully designed to avoid edges that can complicate its wearing in your day to day and to avoid risks while charging.
  • Easy to wear Bubble is really easy to wear. Either with its stickers, the soft specifically designed belt or a simple dressing, you will find your favourite wayt to wear it.
  • Waterproof Bubble is waterproof. Its design without any holes improves its durability while in the water. 30 minutes and 2m deep resistance like your sensor guarantees its usage.
  • Rechargeable Bubble is rechargable thanks to the magnetic charger included in the box. With over 10 days of battery you can always be sure of having enough energy.
  • For iOS and Android Bubble can be used both with iOS or Android. Check the apps available for each software platform.
  • Bubblan is a continuous Glucose monitor system that is compatible with IOS and Android


  • Bubble reactivate sensor

    Firmware 2.2 includes the restart function for libre 1 sensors.

    Diabox Bubble libre 1

    Click the image of the sensor 5 times on the sensor details pages.
    it will trigger Bubblan to reactivate the Libre 1 sensor automatically. (only possible with libre 1)

    This is highly experimental wich can cause the sensor to break permanently.
    There is no guarantee for accuracy and DO NOT use it to make any medical decisions.
    All consequences are at your own risk.

    Bubble CGM kit 129€
  • New stickers for Bubblans antenna📡

    Stickers for the summer?

    This new antenna sticker comming to bubblan.org ✌️💧 stay safe🙏

  • How to setup Bubble and Diabox

    Download link to Diabox app
    iOS In-house test :https://tinyurl.com/vhs4ut3
    Android GooglePlay: https://tinyurl.com/yxy39dpq

  • DiaBox 1.0 (6.2.2) is ready to test on iOS and watchOS.
    Diabox 1.0 (6.2.2) is ready to test on iOS and watchOS.
    DiaBox 1.0 (6.2.2) is ready to test on iOS and watchOS.

    What to Test:
    Please Note:Force Stop the DiaBox App completely on your iPhone before update                        
    double-click on the Home button to access the new app switcher or multitasking                
    tray and then swipe up on DiaBox  

    1.fix sensor change logic in NFC Mode
    2.optimize Connection with Fitbit watch
    3.try to fix app crash in Follower Mode
    4.Bug fix
    5.bug fix 

    this version  you can enter BG value but can not Calibrate the sensor, this is first step for us to collect BG data to develop the calibration Algorithm 

    How to use it: 1–Go to the sensor detail, click 5 time on the [Calibration Mode ]2–Enter [ GODMODE ] to turn on Caibration Data  Entrance3–[ Calibration Data ] would appear in the next line below the [Calibration Mode ] line 


    the BG data you entered can not Calibrate the Libe reading in this version , it is just for algorithm development.  It  means that when you entered BG data in DiaBox, the Libre reading still generated by the Abbott Algorithm.When the Calibration Algorithm implemented in DiaBox you would be make informed. Thanks for all you guys, love:)

    To test this app, open TestFlight on your iOS device using iOS 10.0 or later and install the update. By using DiaBox, you agree that crash data as well as statistics about how you use DiaBox will be provided to LANYING CHEN and linked to your email address. LANYING CHEN may contact you regarding this information. Review the TestFlight Terms and Conditions, as well as the terms, policies, and practices of LANYING CHEN. Beta versions of apps may crash or result in data loss.
    TestFlight is a service provided by Apple.
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    Cupertino, CA 95014, United States.

Smart Reader for Freestyle Libre Bubblan continuous Glucose monitor

Bubble works with all types of FreeStyle Libre sensors, it works with FreeStyle Libre US 14 day sensor available in the United States, FreeStyle Libre 2 in Germany and Norway, FreeStyle Libre Pro in the United States, and a few countries in Asia, and FreeStyle Libre sensors. Parents of a young child who uses any FreeStyle Libre sensor can use this new Bubble to see his or her glucose readings on the Diabox/Xdrip+ app when the child is away. Users can see glucose reading updates every 5 minutes on Android, iPhone, and smartwatches (Apple and Android) and they can get notifications and alarms on their watch or phone.
Product : Bubble CGM

Product overview.

Bubble CGM
Waterproof & Rechargeable Compatible with all major applications. One full charge will last you 14 Days. Lightweight & Ultrathin All in one gadget for consistent and accurate glucose readings Approved Medical Sticker, safe for sensitive skin. Information provided at the ease of a click.
  • NFC 15693 Compatible with all Libre Sensor
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Compatible with Android&iOS
  • 40 * 29 * 6.8/ 6g Streamlined Designs 80 mah Battery 5000 Readings per charge
  • Magnet Power On/Off Auto-Reset with Power On
  • Adhesive/Band Fixed Mode Elastic Velcro Allergy Protection
  • It can detect and read Libre1, Libre 2, Libre Pro/H, Libre US 10 days version, US 14 days
  • Android 4.4 and higher, iOS 8.0 and higher
  • For Libre1, it can read 5000 times with a working sensor
  • IP67 Protection Against Water Intrusion it means that it can be submerged in freshwater up to a maximum depth of one meter for 30 minutes at most.

This product is available for all countries over the world. Visit our facebook group!

11 thoughts on “Bubblan

  1. we zijn zeer tevreden over de Bubble echt helemaal een uitkomst. mijn zoon is er super blij mee.

  2. Great product and great customer service. The main guys are T1Ds so they really do understand what we go through. You really feel they are there to help

  3. Hi,
    Currently use Libre with MM2 linked to Samsung Note 10 with Ticwatch Pro, Glimp app & Fiasp in Omnipod tubeless pump.
    Works well though watch a little out of synchronicity some times & I do not get alerts to stop me going out of target.
    Would Bubble offer improvements to what I use?
    I am English & retired in France.

    1. Bubble have it’s own app for libre 2.
      Which you can use in loop with omnipod if you would like.

      I sell to France and UK all over the world.

  4. great product. recently converted from MM2. i find the bubble is smaller and more reliable than MM. already compatible with fsl2 when it arrives in the UK. easily set up. just charge your bubble and run diabox which will automatically keep the firmware up to date and away you go. for a more involved app there’s xdrip+. should the bubble malfunction re-setting just needs a magnet or the charger lead so no carrying around a paper clip. should re-setting not work there’s a very effective after sales network who usually reply within the hour. very glad i made the switch.

  5. Amazing product, changed my life!!!

  6. Ik ben zeer blij met mijn bubble. Ik heb hem binnen 3 weken (18 dagen inclusief weekenden) ontvangen. Het is gemakkelijk te installeren/ gebruiken.
    Im verry happy with the bubble. I received the bubble whitin 3 weeks.

  7. Does it work for the Libre sensor in Canada?

    1. It works with all libre sensors

  8. I want to know the price, I have diabetes type 1 for 33 years, never use one of this type of equipment. Love what I see.
    I have an iPhone and I live in USA. Thank you

    1. 129euro
      in usd is 146.17 USD

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