The history about Bubblan

Bubble-mini is the latest device from the Bubble team. Compatible with the Diabox app it's a revolutionary device, that sends your glucose data continuously to your phone and gives you Alarms and better control over your diabetes.

Diabox app, a diabetes management app available for IOS and Android devices. The app is designed to help people manage their diabetes more easily by providing a compact, waterproof device that can be worn on the body and a corresponding app that tracks blood sugar levels and other important health data. The device is rechargeable and has a battery life of over 14 days.
Bubblan.org was founded by a team of developers who wanted to create a solution to help people with diabetes manage their condition more effectively. Over the years, the team has developed many apps to help people with diabetes, and the Bubble Diabox app is one of their most popular offerings.
As a startup, Bubblan has faced challenges, but they continue to work hard to improve their products and services. They appreciate the support of their users and are committed to providing high-quality solutions to help people with diabetes live healthier, happier lives.
Overall, Bubble is a valuable resource for people with diabetes who are looking for innovative solutions to help them manage their condition. With their commitment to quality and innovation, Bubblan is sure to continue making a positive impact on the lives of people with diabetes for years to come.

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