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Bye Bye 2021 – Hello 2022!

We are a few days from 2022! No doubt 2021 has been an interesting year, after pandemia and many of us trying to manage diabetes every single day during the lockdown and wondering when and how to go out on a safe way, 2021 has been real sudoku! But well, here we are celebrating a […]
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Travel Diabetes

To Travel Living With Diabetes

Some of us get that feeling of being scared when a journey comes around, maybe also a shade of excitement but also a lot of doubts and planning. To live with diabetes and havig a travel ahead is a truly headache sometimes, no matter how many times we have traveled all around of our own […]
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Look around you!

Look around you! How many devices you have? We live surrounded by technology, which facilitates our lives A LOT! Sometimes people living with Diabetes tend to trust only themselves (if we talk about treatments management), but imagine to have enough data to decide if your actual lifestyle is helping...
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