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When your T1D kid is a step away from becoming a teenager is the perfect time to teach them independence through confidence, responsibility, and best of all daily follow-up! A Bubble Mini is one of the best gifts at this time of life! https://www.bubblan.org/shop-page/

We know it must be challenging to let your baby one get 100% responsibility for daily life living with diabetes! Some kids are 100% ok with this step and other ones could need a little help, both situations are perfectly ok!

Here we want to share some tips to get through this life change easily and happily:

  • Built confidence in your teen about diabetes and self-care
  • Make them know you will always be there for them in any situation (not only T1D)
  • Make the transition at your teen time and give them space
  • Teach them the importance of taking care of doctor appointments and supplies
  • Motivate them to build a trusted circle of close friends and colleagues
  • Make sure they have clarity in insulin doses and counting carbs
  • Talk about social events and help them understand to take control of diet and also alcohol in those situations
  • Make sure they know their rights for the moment of looking for a new job arrives
  • Make sure they have a travel plan for when they have to go out
  • Also, help them to build an emergency plan who people around them are able to understand in case of emergency

We hope this works for you! And remember that managing diabetes is super easy in those days!


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