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One of the keys to maintaining blood sugar levels smooth is the type of snacks you get during the day! Of course, you can treat yourself sometimes but if you are trying to avoid spikes you should start paying attention to how many times in the day you get food!

Doctors recommend eating 5 times: 3 main meals and 2 snacks!

Not having time is something you can change if you choose quick healthy snacks we share with you some ideas:

1. Green smoothie: pick some greens, cucumber, chia seeds, almonds, or avocado, sweetener add some water, and mix everything together in the blender! This snack will help to flat spikes of increasing sugar because of the fiber on it!

2. A classic: ham and cheese, you can have 15 gr of salty cookies or bread. This one will satiate your hunger until the next meal.

3. Yogurt with fruits: pay attention to your needs for fat, you can have this snack twice per week, and adding fruits will boost your energy. Also, mixing fruits with yogurt will make you absorb sugars slowly. (Choose greek yogurt because it contains less sugar and fat).

4. A sandwich: This one is perfect for trips, try to carry 2 of them, just in case.

5. Amaranth bars: Those might be a little bit difficult to get according to your location! This cereal is high in protein and low on carbs, mix them with almonds or sugar-free peanut butter. You can choose another type of bar of course!

6. Sliced veggies: this one is super healthy, you can add a nice dip made with cheese or avocado, also you can eat them alone or with a little twist of lime and salt! If you like to go crazy, add some chili!

Some recommendations:

-For kids living with type 1 diabetes, ask your doctors about pre-bolus for having a snack! Maybe a newly diagnosed kid is not going to need extra insulin bolus because of the honeymoon period!
-If you are on insulin pens therapy make sure you have a good basal dose and try to pre-bolus according to your Insulin Carbs Ratios during the day (some people don’t need extra bolus when snacking)
-Figure out the times of the day when you tend to get ups or downs on sugar levels and organize your snacks according to your natural body behavior
-If you are low, try to have your snack and no bolus, Bubble will let you know if you need a little correction after
-For those on insulin pump therapy or pods, it is better to pre-bolus

Remember those are not medical advices, consult your doctors before making any changes in your diet!

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