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DiaBox Android 20230605 Release 1--Add Libre 2 New Type C5 Support 2--Mirror Bug Fix check for Latest! buy Bubblan now!
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Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits Healthy Habits - How often do we have perfect trends for long periods, but sometimes we stop doing healthy routines or following healthy habits? Those changes make us end with our lines transformed into a roller coaster!!! The secret to managing diabetes is to stick...
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Turbocharge Your Heroku App with Fly

Turbocharge Your Heroku App with Fly Upgrade a Heroku application with and get 60% faster web dynos. It's not magic — just sound infrastructure with modern features: Decreased latency with Edge TLS termination HTTP2 and Brotli compression send data faster High performance microVMs on bare metal servers This launcher supports heroku-22, heroku-20, heroku-18, and heroku-16 buildpacks Move...

Diabox, Installation for iOS (sideloadly)

Diabox for Iphone - Easier living with Diabetes See the installation video below How to DIY install DiaBox on your iOS Device Disclaimer This content is only used to illustrate how to install DiaBox application on iOS devices, it does not involve any medical-related content, treatment, and cannot be used for any medical purposes,...
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Why calibration?  The intent of calibration is to match blood glucose levels between Interstitial fluid (where the sensor is inserted to your body at the muscle). For all those who had been asking us how to CALIBRATE DiaBox, we prepared this info. Recommendations:  -First of all, you need to...