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About the LibreAlarm data source in xdrip+ ,I just disabled this feature in the newest DiaBox. It means that the newest DiaBox doesn’t send data to xdrip+ ,and related watchApp.

Now I am working on a new solution for it ,the G-Watch App developer contacted me, so DiaBox would work with G-WatchApp soon.

I pulled request in xdrip+, hope it would be merged in next nightly release.

Please remember , there is nothing to do with Bubble firmware, Bubble firmware just play as Bridge between your sensor and you phone, it doesn’t affect the features in Apps


    • Kris Rhodes

    • 4 weeks ago

    In the next update will you be re-enabling the Diabox setting that allows the LibreAlarm data source in xdrip+? Or are you only working on allowing communication between DiaBox and the G-watch app?

    • Dieter Rothardt

    • 2 weeks ago

    It also would be nice, to use wearos devices directly. The watchface shows no data yet. Is there somebody, who develops the integration of wearos devises in Diabox?

    • Marc Lombart

    • 6 days ago

    Any chance of getting Mi Fit Band 4 support>?

      • Bubblan

      • 6 days ago

      Yes, we are working on that option. they are very affordable smart bands.

        • Marc Lombart

        • 2 days ago

        Great, got one to use with the Bubble, using xDrip+ of course. Would love the option of using Diabox.m Or just a watch.

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