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We want to send a special hug and a big congratulation to all of those kids living with Type 1 Diabetes! You all are warriors!

There are many many kids worldwide living with this new lifestyle! If you are a friend or a parent of a Type 1 kiddo we want you to know you all are not alone!

We have prepared some tips ad bits of advice:

  1. Embracing the new daily life: Injections, Pumps, Continuous Glucose Monitors, Finger Pinch, Healthy Food will give the children a superpower over other kids because they will adopt at an early age new healthy habits
  2. Sharing: Please don’t be shame about living with Diabetes! Select a trustful group of people or seek some more parents of kids in social media, this can be really helpful in emergencies or vulnerable situations! And hey! Try to network worldwide!
  3. Don’t Panic!: We know sometimes it’s difficult not to panic! We recommend you to study a lot about Diabetes and you will get all the tips and information you need to feel safe and calm!
  4. Try to introduce new ways to manage Diabetes through technology: 15 years ago a Bubble and DiaBox App were a dream beyond the Moon! We invite you to try Continuous Glucose Monitoring and learn more about how Blood Sugar behaves.
  5. Get a super cool doctor!: If the kid is not happy with the doctor, or you as parents, we recommend seeking a new one, trusts us! This will be a super long relationship and you want it to work!

Please share your comments and doubts and we will be happy to help!


One Comment

    • Ferdie

    • 1 year ago

    Merci pour cette technologues ça facilite le quotidien des parents surtout pour des enfants pas en âge d être autonome…. Je l ai essayé et adopter pour mon fils de 5 ans.

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