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Insulin injection sites are super important for diabetes management and today we will give and remind you of some tips or tricks!

It is super funny because when living with diabetes we become like tiny nursers or doctors! We have to learn how to inject ourselves, how to put a cannula for an insulin pump, and how to dose insulin with a pod.

There are tips and tricks that no many doctors share with their patients or maybe we never learn if we avoid going to our 3 monthly checkups! But here we are here to help! Remember that everyone working for Bubblan is people living with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, so…

First of all! if you are using syringes or pens, remember that there are different sizes of needles from 4 mm, to as long as 12.7 mm. The usage will depend on body complexion and age. In the case of cannulas, there are some options on the market for sizes and pods, there are only the types that each brand offers, so no more thinking about sizes when you are on this treatment.

Remember that it is important to rotate application and infusion sites and in the case of pens and syringes you have to leave at least one centímeter between a pinch and another one in case of insulin pumps and pods, you have to leave at least 5 centímeters when you have to change the infusion set.

The application sites for insulin are the gluteus, abdomen, arms, and thighs. The abdomen is the site where you get better absorption of insulin. This also will depend on the percentage of fat in your body!

A good application technique as rotation and proper size of needles will maintain your skin and tissue damage-free. Some people living with diabetes don’t know about lipodystrophy until it happens, this is when your internal tissue is damaged because of a lack of rotation sites and you get an inflammatory reaction, this feels like a hardball in your body which makes injections painful and provokes bad, super bad or null insulin absorption.

Remember to keep insulin at room temperature before each injection or refill your pump or pods! this will keep bubbles away and it will be less painful!

When you use a CGM or when you are looping it is recommended to put the sensor and CGM at the same side of the body for better connection!

We hope you find this information helpful and remember to consult your doctors for any advice!

We are not health professionals we just want you to help through our personal experience!

Here you have a map for injection and infusion sites! you can save it and mark it each time you inject or change the pump infusion set!

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