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Your goals about the management of Diabetes will come true when you get the new Bubble Mini! We have invested years ins this project and we are glad to all of those who trusted us! Join our diabetes community with one click and start the new version of you: Shop Here

Everyone working in both DiaBox and Bubble is people living with Diabetes! So we truly understand the needs of the device (CGM) and the App, we are constantly making improvements in DiaBox App and creating new ways easy to use for Diabetes Management!

Most of our customers get a new sense of their treatment thanks to the information they get from DiaBox and Bubble such as:

-Average Glucose per day

-A1C levels

-Percentage of blood sugar levels (In Range, High and Low)

-You can see information from 1 day, 7 days, 6 hours, 12 hours, and 24 hours.

-You have a calendar to analyze with your doctor the history of trends

-Follower mode to share with parents and loved ones

-Integration with Nightscout

-Alarms when glucose levels are out of range

-Speech Readings

-You can get your readings in a smartwatch and in calendars of iOS and Android

-Display units of blood sugar levels in mg/dl and mmol/L





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