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About DiaBox and DiaBoxMe
They are almost showing two identical apps with the same design, features, except for the App name.
DiaBox was released in November 2019 with support for both iOS and Android. but for well-known reasons (complaints from Abbott, Apple, and Google removed them from their stores). The last version in both app stores is stuck at v7.3.4 iOS, Android v2020.11.11.1. Since then I’ve been trying to find new app distribution channels and complaining to Apple and Google.
Android is currently distributed through Telegram and Github, and all installers packages are available from these two channels.
Also, all update notifications and logs will be distributed via Telegram.
I’ve been trying to communicate with Apple almost daily, and in mid-December, I started plan B – to develop a “brand new” app DiaBoxMe and distribute it through Bubblan’s developer account, version num started from 1.0, which includes all the fixes from DiaBox 7.3.4 onwards. Since DiaBox and DiaBoxMe are released through different developer accounts, they are recognized as two separate apps on the phone.
I recommend everyone to install DiaBoxMe because DiaBoxMe will be the main distribution option in the future. Last week Apple suddenly approved DiaBox version 7.8.8, which I submitted for review a long time ago, which contains the same features as DiaBoxMe 1.2.2, that’s why some people received DiaBox update notifications.
However, 7.8.8 has an upgrade compatibility issue with 7.3.4 which causes data jumps, which has happened to early testers on Libre2 Bluetooth Direct, and the solution is to uninstall DiaBox completely and reinstall it. Here, I still recommend you to install and use DiaBoxMe.
Why still keep DiaBox updated?
Firstly, many people are still staying on version 7.3.4 (which has some very serious bugs, that’s I recommend keeping it up to date always) and they want to keep the historical data so I need 3 or 4 more releases to add data backup feature. Secondly, this version will be an alternative in case Apple removes DiaBoxMe, then we can go back to DiaBox. the only problem is the data backup & restore, after that everyone can freely choose to use DiaBox or DiaBoxMe without losing data.
Since DiaBox was targeted by BigTechs, I have added many new features to DiaBox/DiaBoxMe, including:
–Libre2 Bluetooth direct (no need for any third-play transmitter at all, the only pressure required is for your phone to have Bluetooth and NFC support);
— Simpler calibration algorithm;
–and a series of Bubble firmware updates (please don’t forget to update, the latest is v3.4);
— Optimization of background operation, power optimization;
There are more new features under development, the most important at the moment: data backup and recovery
Next :
–Custom alarm alerts;
–Treatment data entry, including Insulin, Carbs ……;
–a much more user-friendly Remote Monitoring and Glucose Report Platform, because there are too many reports of Nightscout failures;
–Glucose prediction function;
Let’s all look forward to 2021, Only a cure for Diabetes will stop DiaBox.
From DiaBox/DiaBoxMe Team


    • Maja Svenningsen

    • 8 months ago

    Is it the plan that the app will be in Danish at some point? 🙂

      • Bubblan

      • 8 months ago


      here you can help make your translation.

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