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Halloween is one of the funniest times of the year! And there are many ways to celebrate all over the world! Many countries have adopted this festivity and now you know It was born in the ancient Celtic when people used to make bonfires wearing customs to scare ghosts! Funny no? Then, in the eighth century, Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as a time to honor all saints, and its was called All Hallows Eve and then suddenly the name was changed to Halloween! The official date to celebrate is October 31st every year!

There are many ways to honor “the other life” in many countries! Can you tell us how it’s like in your country?

We wish you a happy Halloween! So we want to treat yourself with BUBBLAN code to get 10 euro discount at our shop!


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We are starting the time of the year when many, many food, candies, and special dinners are going to represent a time to spend with our loved ones (even in this lockdown) those days are a real challenge to keep Blood Glucose Levels flat!

If you’re treating yourself or your kids this Halloween, remember to dose the sweets! Checkup Blood Sugar and be careful with insulin boluses!

Bubble is helping many kids to understand how certain behaviors (like eating sweets) can affect their Diabetes Management!

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