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Tips for injecting insulin:

-Take your insulin to room temperature or heat with your hands

-Wash your hands first-Clean the surface to place the syringe, vial, and alcohol swipes

-See the insulin is not spoiled or expired, or been open for 28 days

-Clean with an alcohol swipe the top of the vial

-Take off the cap of the syringe

-Pull the number of units to insert this air on the vial

-After inserting the air, place the vial upside down taking it with your hands

-Keep the needle on the vial and charge the units you need

-If you have air bubbles, put the insulin back into the vial and repeat the charging

-You can also gently tap the syringe to make the air bubbles out

**Bubbles will not harm you but those will take place of the total of units you need**

-Once you are bubbles free, you can give the shot

-Clean the skin with an alcohol swipe, wait 10 seconds and you are ready to inject

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