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Diabetes Bubblan Community

Bubblan’s Diabetes Community

This blog entry will start with the word community…

We all are part of a community: family, school, hobbie teams, we choose our tribe, it’s a natural thing to do. Regarding that, it’s needed to be remarked one of the most important things as being humans is that we have the option of choosing in our lives that makes us happy and build us as a person, but sometimes, something changes and we are not able to choose anymore…

Bubblan’s team congratulates you because you are reading this, it means you, or one of your loved ones has been touched by diabetes, don’t misunderstand, we congratulate because you care about! And that’s something really sweet of you.

You may have not chosen to get Diabetes into your life, but you’re here and as a community, we will take care of you and your loved ones.

Let’s talk about the many types of diabetic profiles, and is not about being type 1, or type 2:

First type

Sweet Kiddo

Your entire life has been sugar-free (you might be in your 20’s, 30’s, even 40’s) you cannot imagine a life without taking care of yourself! You might have cheated sometimes which caused your sugar super high giving your parents and love ones the scared of their life! You grew up pinching your finger and carrying ice bags for insulin, batteries for glucometer, emergency phone numbers in the bag of “diabetic stuff” and wondering why your nana used to call “your sugar” to the sweeteners.

Maybe your family and friends were always keeping an eye on you while you were growing up, or maybe you kept diabetes to yourself and never told anything to anyone! But now you’re here, searching for new technologies to help understand more about sugar lows! So Bubble is here to help!

Second Type

Mellitus Teenager

Here we have 2 types: those who are adults and have been diagnosed as Type One Diabetics while teenagers and the other group are actual teenagers searching for answers.

Let’s be honest! You haven’t chosen this! And you are angry, or maybe sad and confused, you might think your entire world is over and that you’re not going to be able to drink a beer or have cake for your birthday never more!! Don’t stress, we live in the 21st Century! There are tons of sugar-free options, fruits, and vegetables, also delicious international dishes and YouTube tutorials, 20 years ago there was only the nutritionist recommendations (but we still need to follow their advice)…

Today you have the opportunity to choose a new superpower: Bubble and DiaBox! Elder diabetics would love to have this while teenagers and not glucometers for pinching their fingers many times per day. We know is not easy, but Bubblan’s community is here to take you as a new member of the family.

Download DiaBox 

Third Type

Diabetic Tech

This group is amazing! Thanks to them other diabetics are able to get all the new trends about biotechnology to have glucose monitor readings from devices like Bubble trough DiaBox, they have an entire collection of glucometers, phones, tablets, smartwatches, and stickers that works with the CGMS.

Diabetic Techs are always getting their glucose levels through many devices and they will force you to download DiaBox at your mobile, maybe, they will set you as a follower to get their high and low glucose levels alarms. Just please don’t turn them off, if you do that take a moment of your day to open DiaBox and keep an eye at your Diabetic Tech Friend, he or she will be thankful to get a text message from their loved ones checking up!

There are many parents and young people that belong to this lovely tribe! They have helped a lot to our community so they deserve a big thank you!

Bubblan shop

Fourth Type

Sweet Parents

Your kid has been just diagnosed with Type One Diabetes and you have not a clue of what to do! Or, maybe your little one has been having so many curves that you need a little bit of help to see the whole glucose picture… Recommendation: You need to take your baby to the doctor. Ok! Ok! you’ve done that. Now, as a suggestion get some books, approach to a diabetic consultant, and adopt a community! Also yes! take your kiddo to doctor’s appointments when required so you can help them to manage and understand their diabetes better!

Being a parent with a T1 child is a real challenge, you will need to monitor your child while sleeping, or when he or she gets to school, maybe that’s why you came to Bubblan, and Bubble is here to help!

Diabetes will change the lifestyle of the entire family, but don’t see it in a chaotic way! Think about it, Mum and dad will get fitter and brothers and sisters will start making more conscious decisions around food and health! If you learn to adopt this new lifestyle your kid will have a lovely and meaningful life!  Learn together as a family, this will create a super extra special bond!

Welcome to Bubblan’s community! Remember Diabetes is not a bad thing, is just a new lifestyle and you will find many people at our Social Media and Facebook Groups, please join and enjoy this new lifestyle! You’re not alone.

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Comment! Have we missed a diabetic tribe? At which one you belong?





    • Michelle

    • 1 year ago

    I LOVE my Bubblan having this has made my life so much easier so ty

      • Bubblan

      • 12 months ago

      Thanks, keep moving!

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