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Great App that notifies

  • High

  • Low

  • Extreme Low

  • Drop rates

  • Rise Rate

Device Alarms

  • Signal is lost

  • Low battery

  • End before

  • Missed Reading

  • You also have a platform to see your blood glucose at a glance on your smartphone or watch

  • You can also enable optional Audio Readouts so you don’t have to look at your phone.

Satisfied Customers from

  • Europe

  • Australia

  • Asia

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  • Canada

Top-Notch Support who is

  • Fully active

  • Quick Response over email

  • Instant Messenger query

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Available on Apple watch and G-watch now

Fully Functional App

Same features as of mobile app, up to date and support available

Highly rated

Recommended by many users, Highly rated on stores.


New ways to app

Get your phone installed with the new amazing and updated app which will help you not to lose control over your sugar levels. Stay alerted all the time.

How to setup Diabox

How to setup Diabox

Installation on IOS

Our iOS application is in beta mode and fully functional. We need your feedback.
We use a testing platform
on iOS to do this.
TestFlight is the name of the platform and it is also an app, To install DiaBox we first need to install TestFlight, then DiaBox.
1. First Click to install TestFlight
2. Now just click the link below to install DiaBox

Installation on Android

Installation on Android is done via the Google Play Store. Please click the image below, on your Android device to be taken directly to the play store.
Once in the Play Store press the install button to Install DiaBox .


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