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DiaBox Me App works with Bubble Mini to give you valuable information to follow up your Diabetes treatment, such as “Time in Range” graphics per day (24 h).
A healthy person living with diabetes must be 70% of their time in range, and sometimes Bubble Mini helps some users to be up to that! Do you know yours?
Sometimes it’s tricky to know if you are really in range, one of the most commons studies we have to make is HbA1C every 3 months or according to your doctor’s prescription! But this number is only the average measurement of these 3 past months, it means we are getting an average of how much sugar was on our body the past days! But!!! guess what! Picks are not shown in those exams, and that’s why so many people living with diabetes keep saying they don’t feel like they are in their 100% so that’s why we encourage you to start your treatment with a CGM and Bubble Mini, with this last one you will get readings every 5 minutes and also alarms to treat hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia on time and keep your levels under control!
**Time in range refers to the amount of time that a person with diabetes spends within the target glucose range.
Read more about Time in Rage in Online Library.
Image of sugar levels sent by a bubble user.

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