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Hi US Diabetics!

We just got our hands on a couple of libre 2 US sensors and a handscanner. We are now working on making it compatible with Bubble and DiaBox.

Thanks everyone who helped us! 💙

/ Bubblan


    • Michael Simon

    • 3 weeks ago

    Hello. How is the libre 2 testing comoing along?

      • Bubblan

      • 6 days ago

      working on the engineering part.

        • Willie Streets

        • 5 days ago

        Can you estimate when it will be ready? 1 month, 6 months?

          • Bubblan

          • 2 days ago

          Can ask Abbott when the librelink app will be available on AppStore. cant be that long, but they seem to want you guys to buy the handscanner…

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