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diabox alarms
Managing Diabetes never was so easy! Bubblan offers to every user a customize setup alarm! With this feature, you can take a new level of managing your treatment. Remember that Bubble Mini is not a medical device and it must be supervised by an adult and with constant following up doctor appointments.
Those alarms will help you to understand how insulin and diet affect your sugar levels, you can use them as a new tool for Diabetes treatment, also they are a great help when exercising and sleeping to prevent Somogyi Effect or Dawn Phenomenon.
You can personalize alarms according to your target personal levels! They are also great for parents! You will need to set up FOLLOW MODE to get your child’s glucose level alerts on your phone when you have to be apart from them.
The following alarm types are offered in DiaBox Me App:
Glucose Level Alarms
-Extreme High (“HighHigh”)
-Urgent Low (“LowLow”)
Rate Of Change Alarms
-Rise Rate
-Drop Rate
System Alarms
-Signal loss
-Battery low
-End before
-Miss reading
-Please notice this is not a medical advice
-Remember: technology can fail so pay attention to the connection device
-You will get a “signal” loss alert when Bubble is not working
-Always test with blood when you are out of range to double-check
-Contact your doctor if you get out of range levels (low or high) for more 50% of the time (device gives you 24 hours of %)

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