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Most of us struggle managing sugar levels during the day! No matter if you are a newbie or you have more or less than 25 years of living with diabetes!

Every doctor or specialist will tell: get a new diet (every time), get a glucose dairy, exercise, and drink more water! They are right! But how many times have you got the advice of JUST BE YOU, AND BE HAPPY!

If you are one of the thousand people (young or not) living with diabetes and you got this advice! You are on the other side of this post! Happiness is an emotional state that sadly has been sold as permanent! But guess what! Emotions are daily passengers, just like our sugar levels! If you don’t believe me, go and ask one of your non-diabetic friends how many times in their lives they have been feeling permanently happy! You are going to be surprised by their honest answer!

Dear community! stop thinking that perfect sugar levels or sugar-free treats are happiness. And please notice how many emotions you have in, not one day, just one hour!

It might sound challenging to start thinking about you and not in your Diabetes, but please try and make a list of every single thing you always wanted to do like: playing piano, dating new people, drawing, tap classes, or maybe sports!

You can do it! You are one of a kind and we trust you!

Many of our clients have expressed how knowing better their sugar levels through alarms gave them freedom and confidence, we know that trusting technology is scary, but if you don’t ever try, you wouldn’t even know for sure… What if you add to your To-Do Happiness list something like getting a new CGM and then a Bubble, and then new insulin therapy recommended by your doctors?

Tell us in the box comments what would you love to do and why?

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