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One of the most important things that people living with Type 1 Diabetes need to understand is the importance of insulin sensitivity. Insulin sensitivity describes how sensitive the body is to the effects of insulin.

So, stop comparing yourself to others because everybody is unique and of course we all do different kinds of activities during the day! Also, it is important to visit the doctor regularly, some countries offer this service for free, some people are covered by insurance but the ones who need to pay for health care are the ones that struggle the most!

There are different types of insulins according to diabetes stage, age, weight insulin sensitivity, and other factors.

People with low insulin sensitivity (insulin resistance) will need a larger amount of doses to keep blood sugar on the range, for those ones it is very important to have a healthy weight and lower their fat on the body and also maybe to add some exercise, drinking good amounts of water also help to insulin absorption.

On the other hand, high insulin sensitivity is more present in children and some adults! This can cause severe hypoglycemia and a smaller need amount of doses or a specific type of insulin can be recommended by a doctor.

Most of the time we are told how a lack of insulin may cause some issues, but having a lot of insulin circulating on the body can cause other severe health issues like osteoporosis, damage to blood vessels, heart diseases.

Every topic around Diabetes is about balance! So, don’t hesitate in paying attention to your blood glucose ranges and how much a unit of insulin can drop your sugar levels, this is the secret of insulin sensitivity!

It has been studies that people with Type 1 Diabetes are more sensitive to insulin than people with Type 2, so the first group needs to pay attention and carry on sugar aids every time!

No matter if you choose injections with a syringe, pens, or a pump! There’s a treatment for everyone! Most Bubble users can improve with all the data their amount of insulin takes per day, your Endocrinologists will help you to adjust basal ranges, carbs ratios, and insulin corrections! Sometimes it changes depending on the hour per day or periods of illness, also in women, it will be a challenge every month because of hormones or even pregnancy!

Click here to calculate insulin doses!

Please monitor your sugar when you wake up, and every time before any food and 2 hours later! Bubble can make this task super easy because of the graphics on DiaBox App and Alarms!

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