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Diabox CGM diabetes LibreIt’s Christmas, time to get a €20 euro discount at Bubblan Shop: Bubble Mini

Keep your blood glucose control tight with automatic blood glucose updates every five minutes sent directly to your mobile device. Diabox for Android
Bubble app Diabox is compatible with Android. Bubble is rechargeable thanks to the magnetic charger included in the box. With over 14 days or more of battery, you can always be sure your Bubble is charged and ready to go.

A new app has appeared on Testflight App Store 
Direct Glucose that work with bubble transmitter



    • Victoria Wynne

    • 1 month ago

    What app can I use with apple phone? XDrip4iO5 expired on me. I can only get libre 1 in Ireland?

      • Bubblan

      • 4 weeks ago

      Xdrip4ios yea and there are a few more open source you can find online.

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