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We are a few days from 2022! No doubt 2021 has been an interesting year, after pandemia and many of us trying to manage diabetes every single day during the lockdown and wondering when and how to go out on a safe way, 2021 has been real sudoku!

But well, here we are celebrating a new beginning! It’s time to make a personal introspection and analyze how we are and what to do to keep every step to our goals no matter how hard it is!

Maybe this is your year number one living with diabetes or maybe you have been like that for over 2 decades or more, we are so many and we are a super-strong community all over the world, no matter where you are or how are your trends! Remember that you have this superpower to keep you alive 365 days per year!

Make a wish list and write down your diabetes goals for 2022! Every step counts and you do everything on your own time! No rush! You will be the best version of yourself not in 2 years but tomorrow! Because through baby steps you can achieve great goals!

Here at Bubblan we feel honestly lucky to be part of your lives, we know it has been a complicated year and some users have had issues with some of our services, we still apologize for all the inconveniences and want you to know that we will keep fighting for you and your loved ones! We are a small business giving the best of us to help you to manage your diabetes in a different way!

Please take care of yourselves and never stop fighting because #wearenotwaiting and we will be here for you as long as you permit us!

Happy 2022!!

Bubblan Team!

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