Android: Diabox update

DiaBox Android 20230605 Release 1--Add Libre 2 New Type C5 Support 2--Mirror Bug Fix https://github.com/Bubblandevteam/diabox/releases check for Latest! https://github.com/Bubblandevteam/diabox/releases/download/DiaBox_Android_2023-06-05_Release/DiaBox_Android_2023.06.05_beta.apk buy Bubblan now!

Diabox, Installation for iOS (sideloadly)

Diabox for Iphone - Easier living with Diabetes See the installation video below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVlfBBBg0Twhttps://t.me/DiaboxApp How to DIY install DiaBox on your iOS Device Disclaimer This content is only used to illustrate how to install DiaBox application on iOS devices, it does not involve any medical-related content, treatment, and cannot be used for any medical purposes,...

Save money with Bubblan mini

Many people living with diabetes around the world don't have access to medical insurance, but adopting technology can reduce costs on your treatment in the long therm because you will have valuable information like time on the range and changes in your glucose levels to...
Automatic readings Bubble mini

Automated readings every 5 minutes!

Bubble Mini is going to give you automated readings every 5 minutes and alerts but remember finger sticks tests are a must when you are out range or close to your high or low limits! https://bit.ly/BUBBLESHOP
Bubblan monitor

Improve glucose levels!

You can improve glucose levels only if you know your trends! Bubble Mini it's a helpful tool for those who are struggling with spikes! www.bubblan.org

Wearing a bubble mini is as easy as wearing a CGM!

Wearing a bubble mini is as easy as wearing a CGM! You only need to attach the Bubble Mini on top of the CGM to start getting glucose levels on your phone! Pic from: @t1d_nadinelotfy Usar un Bubble Mini es tan fácil como usar un MGC, solo...

Bubble Mini – No matter where are you from or what age are you..

Bubble Mini No matter where are you from or what age are you, Bubble Mini (diabox)is for everyone! Here it is @alaa.a.aid feeling like a princess with her Bubble Mini! *** No importa tu edad o de dónde seas, Bubble Mini es para todos! Aquí está @alaa.a.aid sintiéndose...

Insulin Sensitivity

One of the most important things that people living with Type 1 Diabetes need to understand is the importance of insulin sensitivity. Insulin sensitivity describes how sensitive the body is to the effects of insulin. So, stop comparing yourself to others. Everybody is unique and of...

Follower mode – Bubblan | CGM | Diabox App

DiaBox follower app. Don't forget to support us on www.ko-fi.com/Diabox/Share with your loved ones your glucose levels and alerts with Diabox App!!