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Where To Download

Where TO Downlaod

How to Connect after downloading the Diabox app on your phone.

Before you start with Diabox and Bubble. Make sure your Bubble is fully charged. You will see a blue steady light from the Bubble when its 100% charged. A red blinking light means the Bubble is currently charging.

1. Open Diabox and Enable location services in your phone settings.

2. Press “Add CGM” then select Abbott.

3. Press Scan and look for your Bubble to appear in available devices.

4. You are now connected to Bubble using the Diabox app

5. In the Settings menu you can set your alarms, change your preferred language and also enable follower systems using your device.

6. Follower set up, Nightscout integration.

7. Enable Nightscout Share server upload. This can be set up by following the guide on Nightscout.info after your account is set up provide the following: Url – “https://yourherokusite.herokuapp.com/” Use your Heroku App url in this field key – Use your secret APi key in this field. Save. Test Connection. Internal Http Servers. Enable this for Android APPS, Pebble watch, Garmin and Nightguard Integratiation.