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Tags: Glucose Levels



In this lockdown! How are you dealing with healthy habits! Share with us your favorite apps for counting carbs and exercise! We love DiaBox for BS monitoring BTW! Bubble Freestyle Glucose Monitor  
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10 euro discount bubblan

Trick or treat?

Trick or treat? What are your favourite sugar-free treats for Halloween? Comments below! Use #BUBBLAN code and treat yourself with 10 euro discount from our shop: https://bit.ly/BUBBLESHOP
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Diabetes Bubblan Community

Bubblan’s Diabetes Community

Bubblan’s Diabetes Community This blog entry will start with the word community… We all are part of a community: family, school, hobbie teams, we choose our tribe, it’s a natural thing to do. Regarding that, it’s needed to be remarked one of the most important things as being humans is that...
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