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FEWER HIGHS AND LOWS - As much information as you get about your sugar levels trends, you will know when and what to adjust in a matter of doses and carbs, Bubble Mini has helped a lot of parents and diabetes fellows to...
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Type 1 Moms

To all the mothers who are taking care of a child living with type 1 Diabetes, we share a big thank you! Bubble mini is a useful tool to see glucose trends every 5 minutes. 
Bubble mini


Some basics such as drinking enough water help CGMs and Flash Glucose Monitors to bring more accurate values of blood sugar levels. Carry on your bottle everywhere and help Bubble Mini with your readings!

Doctors and Bubble

Some doctors are true fans of diabetes gadgets, and Bubble Mini is one of their favorites! Try with them to get information from DiaBox App when you are working on getting back into range! Don't ever stop making blood tests in your fingers! Is the...

Snack Time

One of the keys to maintaining blood sugar levels smooth is the type of snacks you get during the day! Of course, you can treat yourself sometimes but if you are trying to avoid spikes you should start paying attention to how many times in...

Types of Carbs

There are 3 types of carbohydrates: - Starches - Sugar - Fibers All of them are very important to get energy from foods and insulin is the key to break them into glucose to maintain the function of muscles, brain, heart, liver, and more, regarding our body! People living...