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Terms and conditions

By ordering your Bubble you acknowledge reading the following terms of use agreement.

Disclaimer – Bubblan is the supplier of the Bubble either directly from Bubblan office or partners in regions of the world. 

Manufacturer: People’s Republic of China 


1 year with limited warranty and is the responsibility of the manufacturer. If fails to function may return to local supplier or Bubblan central location if sourced from there. 

Advised to replace your Bubble every 2 years.  All devices have limited lifespan, 

Any defect or issue with product is governed by the jurisdiction of manufacturer , namely the Peoples’ Republic of China, no suppliers shippers or agents outside of China  are responsible for any failures and consequences thereof. No device is guaranteed to work proficiently 100% of the time. Always revert to the primary sensor scanning for confirmation and as necessary take capillary blood sample 

The manufacturer has provided a technical device and is not medically approved or tested as such.

This device is used solely at your own risk. The manufacturer or suppliers are not responsible in any failure of this device, or the primary Libre (™) that can malfunction or become dislodged.