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Diabox future!

About DiaBox and DiaBoxMe   About DiaboxMe and Diabox They are almost showing two identical apps with the same design, features, except for the App name. DiaBox was released in November 2019 with support for both iOS and Android. but for well-known reasons. The last version in both app stores...
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Diabox Me

Diabox Me Testflight link Press the button to download testflight then press it again to download the Diabox me app. https://testflight.apple.com/join/Ynoo1pq7 5 clicks on setting –data source– Follower Mode, so you can enter Master Mode ,then you can connect it with Bubble
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Diabox calibration

Rules in DiaBox (English Version) (please make sure the user read the following disclaimer before entering the calibration mode implemented in Android v20201115 & iOS v7.4.5 and higher) Disclaimer: This calibration feature is highly experimental. It is provided as an information resource only...
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iOS update

include Bubble Firmware v3.1 which fixed connection issues Add Calibration Algorithm beta test Press calibration mode 5 times and use code “GODMODE” to enable calibration. Add home screen widget for iOS 14 Add Snoozed Off for separate Device/Glucose/Sensor Alarm Add MaxSensorLife check, would...
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