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Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of the funniest times of the year! And there are many ways to celebrate all over the world! Many countries have adopted this festivity and now you know It was born in the ancient Celtic when people used to make bonfires wearing customs to scare ghosts! Funny no? Then, in the eighth...
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10 euro discount bubblan

Trick or treat?

Trick or treat? What are your favourite sugar-free treats for Halloween? Comments below! Use #BUBBLAN code and treat yourself with 10 euro discount from our shop: https://bit.ly/BUBBLESHOP
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Calibrate Freestyle Libre with Diabox app.

Calibration with Diabox Rules For the first Calibration, you must use two blood sugar values. Use two different fingers when you test also do it when your sugar curve is flat. Cooldowns When you then manually enter a new glucose value, you can do so at 60min intervals At low sugar value When Libre...
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Powerful Features for DiaBox

Dear Bubblan Community: Recently the team is working on some new features for DiaBox which would make it more powerful; here is some progress of DiaBox Developments: 1. Add Libre2 Bluetooth Direct Connection for NFC phones 2. Upload Data to LibreView directly from DiaBox 3. Design a more powerful...
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iOS update

include Bubble Firmware v3.1 which fixed connection issues Add Calibration Algorithm beta test Press calibration mode 5 times and use code “GODMODE” to enable calibration. Add home screen widget for iOS 14 Add Snoozed Off for separate Device/Glucose/Sensor Alarm Add MaxSensorLife check, would...
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