Bubble Smart reader


Waterproof & Rechargeable Compatible with all major applications.

one full charge will last you 14 Days.

Lightweight & Ultrathin All in one gadget for consistent and accurate glucose readings Approved Medical Sticker, safe for sensitive skin. Information provided at the ease of a click.

NFC 15693 Compatible with Libre Sensor

Bluetooth 5.0 Compatible with Android&iOS

40 * 29 * 6.8/ 6g Streamlined Designs 80 mah Battery 5000 Readings per charge

Magnet Power On/Off Auto-Reset with Power On

Adhesive/Band Fixed Mode Elastic Velcro Allergy Protection

 It can detect and read Libre1, Libre2, Libre Pro/H, Libre US 10 days version, US 14 days

Android 4.4 and higher, iOS 8.0 and higher

For Libre1, it can read 5000 times with a working sensor

IP67 Protection Against Water Intrusion it means that it can be submerged in fresh water up to a maximum depth of one meter for 30minutes at most.


Android  Xdrip+ , DiaBox  for useLibre 2/US14/pro/h

iOS: DiaBox, supports all sensors (app on testflight)


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  1. how long will the bubble last, and is it approved for use by the british NHS

    1. There is warranty, the bubble will last over 14 to 18 days with one full charge cycle and we are improving the battery with each firmware.
      Bubblan is not a medical device, it goes under technical device.

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