A Bubble CGM Kit

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What’s inside the Box
– Bubble CGM.
– 4 x 4 stickers.
– One Charging Cable.
is included inside the box.

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A revolutionary device

For iOS and Android

Take control of your blood glucose levels with Bubble Freestyle libre cgm wherever you are just having a look at your mobile phone

  • BG Levels Auto Check every 5minutes
    Bubble helps your blood glucose control by checking your levels automatically every five minutes and sending them to your mobile.
  • Beautiful & Safe designThe Bubble has been beautifully designed to avoid edges that can complicate its wearing in your day to day life.
  • Easy to wear
    The bubble is really easy to wear. Either with its stickers. or the velcro holder to keep it safe during sports.
  • Waterproof
    The BUBBLE is waterproof. 30 minutes and 2m deep resistance like your sensor guarantees its usage.
  • Rechargeable The bubble is rechargeable thanks to the magnetic charger included in the box. With over 10 days of battery, you can always be sure of having enough energy.

Bubble works with all types of FreeStyle Libre sensors, it works with FreeStyle Libre US 14 day sensor available in the United States, FreeStyle Libre 2 in Germany, and Norway, FreeStyle Libre Pro in the United States, and a few countries in Asia, and FreeStyle Libre sensors. Parents of a young child, who uses any
FreeStyle Libre sensor can use  Bubble to see glucose readings on the Diabox app.
Users can see glucose reading updates every 5 minutes on Android, iPhone, and smartwatches (Apple and Android), and they can get notifications and alarms on their watch or phone. Bubble CGM




Bubble can be used both with iOS or Android. Check the apps available for each software platform.

Link to download application for Diabox Bubble Freestyle libre sensor

How to setup.
How to setup Bubbland Freestyle libre and the DiaBox app


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Dimensions 10 × 8 × 4 cm

7 reviews for A Bubble CGM Kit

  1. Amanda

    I got the Bubble this spring and it is SO much easier to use than the MiaoMiao! It connects easily and maintains connection better. The apps you use work better – I had SO much trouble with Spike & signing every week for the app to stay on my phone. I prefer to use the Diabox app – the alarms work much better than Spike. The Bubble is low profile physically and does not irritate my skin while wearing it, like the boxy corners of the MiaoMiao did. I use a transparent Tegaderm over top to keep it perfectly in place as I work in health care. The battery lasts between 1-2 weeks so make sure to put something like paper between the dressing and the top of the Bubble. Then you can remove it to charge if necessary without ripping out your Libre.
    Bubblan stays on top of the computery aspects of it, and you just update your Diabox through TestFlight when Bubblan posts on Facebook. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. I would never go back to MiaoMiao.

  2. Alastair (verified owner)

    I’ve had the Bubble for nearly a week now and am very happy with it.
    The set-up with the Diabox App was very straightforward and I have not had any connectivity issues.
    I was also able to set it up successfully with Android Xdrip+, but have decided to try out the Diabox App first to see how well it works for me.
    I would recommend it for anyone who wants to turn a Libre into a CGM.

  3. Vaggelis

    Everything works great so far! I use it for a month and helped me a lot to deal with my sugars!! Bubblan team does a great job and is there any time to hear us and find solutions and answer our questions!

  4. Marc Castro

    Been using this for 4 mos.. Best cgm transmitter ever.. I have all the other brands.. Most stable best community.. Best support

  5. Thomas Murray

    I purchased the bubble about 4 months ago after buying a used Miao Miao. The Miao was not working like the company claimed and this is the reason I jumped on the Bubble bandwagon. From the first day I got it it has worked almost perfect. I say almost because there was a software update and the Bubble stopped working. I contacted Bubblan and within a few minutes he replied to me. Asked me to share a log file with him. Within minutes of getting the log file he was making changes to the software. He let everyone on FB know about the issue. He then published an update. Problem Solved.
    One day my Bubble was dead. Wasn’t sure what the problem was and asked a question on FB. Within a few minutes I was in contact with Bubblan. We figured out the issue (cracked case). Without hesitation he shipped out a new unit. There wasn’t any finger pointing. He didn’t try to tell me that I broke it and was SOL. The new one went out the same day. Although I am still waiting on the new unit I am a firm believer about this product. Infact I love this so much I made a Liber/Bubble holder and put it out there foe everyone to download for free (if you have a 3d printer). What ever you do DONT get the Miao Miao. The BUBBLE ROCKS!!!!

  6. sonia.aires (verified owner)

    Commande reçue rapidement !!en 13 jours malgré le coronavirus.
    Batterie chargée 100%
    Application Diabox facile à installer.
    Bluetooth nickel!
    Merci Anton!!

  7. Elise RENON (verified owner)

    super produit qui change la vie au quotidien et facile d’utilisation.
    super service après vente avec une excellente communication et réactivité. (à compléter avec un brassard my lovely bird pour un meilleur maintien).
    je recommande vraiment!
    merci à Anton

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