• New stickers for Bubblans antenna📡

    Stickers for the summer?

    This new antenna sticker comming to ✌️💧 stay safe🙏

  • How to setup Bubble and Diabox

    Download link to Diabox app
    iOS In-house test :
    Android GooglePlay:

  • DiaBox 1.0 (6.2.2) is ready to test on iOS and watchOS.
    Diabox 1.0 (6.2.2) is ready to test on iOS and watchOS.
    DiaBox 1.0 (6.2.2) is ready to test on iOS and watchOS.

    What to Test:
    Please Note:Force Stop the DiaBox App completely on your iPhone before update                        
    double-click on the Home button to access the new app switcher or multitasking                
    tray and then swipe up on DiaBox  

    1.fix sensor change logic in NFC Mode
    2.optimize Connection with Fitbit watch
    3.try to fix app crash in Follower Mode
    4.Bug fix
    5.bug fix 

    this version  you can enter BG value but can not Calibrate the sensor, this is first step for us to collect BG data to develop the calibration Algorithm 

    How to use it: 1–Go to the sensor detail, click 5 time on the [Calibration Mode ]2–Enter [ GODMODE ] to turn on Caibration Data  Entrance3–[ Calibration Data ] would appear in the next line below the [Calibration Mode ] line 


    the BG data you entered can not Calibrate the Libe reading in this version , it is just for algorithm development.  It  means that when you entered BG data in DiaBox, the Libre reading still generated by the Abbott Algorithm.When the Calibration Algorithm implemented in DiaBox you would be make informed. Thanks for all you guys, love:)

    To test this app, open TestFlight on your iOS device using iOS 10.0 or later and install the update. By using DiaBox, you agree that crash data as well as statistics about how you use DiaBox will be provided to LANYING CHEN and linked to your email address. LANYING CHEN may contact you regarding this information. Review the TestFlight Terms and Conditions, as well as the terms, policies, and practices of LANYING CHEN. Beta versions of apps may crash or result in data loss.
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