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Bubble and Diabox app will have a new free feature for libre 1 sensors to extend the lifetime.

❌disclaimer. there might be noise readings and accuracy not the best after 14.

Note this will be in the next few updates.

and more information in later patch notes


    • Mohamed Sab3

    • 2 months ago

    I hope that will be as soon as possible
    We already waiting Liber 2.
    And this update will be amazing.

    • Venelin Fachikov

    • 2 months ago

    I am a bit doubtful about Libre 1 being able to last even few days more than the official 14 days but if that is possible, that would be a major thing to happen and I would be switching to the Bubble right away. On a side note – where can I get a coupon code and how?

    1. This is something we can do! with the release of Firmware 2.2 you can restart Libre 1 sensor.
      But yes it is Highly experimental and use it at own risk. You can read more about it in the patch notes and on Diabox Facebook group.

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