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Somedays you are 75% or up in range and other days you are either super high or super low!

Let’s be honest! Many people living with diabetes and the ones who are close to us, know that feeling of frustration when glucose levels are all crazy!

Sometimes we had some extra carbs and we know that a raise was going to happen but, everyone had one of those crapy seasons of high glucose levels all day long.

Here is a list of some scenarios that can lead to those episodes:

1. Growing up!: In kids is very common to have glucose changes through the adolescent period, this is why it is very important to be constant with doctor appointments! Also, hormones in this stage of life can produce a real change in the insulins scheme.

2. Feminine hormones: girls living with diabetes can feel very frustrated because they can manage perfect glucose levels at the beginning of the menstrual cycle but messy ones at the 28 days!

3. Lack of sleep: bad sleep can affect not only glucose levels but other hormones that can affect the proper absorption of insulin, so try to make a healthy schedule for this time of the day.

4. Coffee: there are some studies in which is told that caffeine can produce insulin resistance and it can lead to high glucose levels after drinking it, so specialists recommend going decaf.

5. Birth control medications: those ones can also produce insulin resistance so you might have to reconstruct your ratios and basal doses to keep yourself in the range.

6. Pregnancy: again, hormones are super important to keep a healthy body working and of course to help grow a baby, that’s why it is very common gestational diabetes, you can help yourself through diet and some special pills to lower glucose levels during this beautiful period of life.

7. Stress: This one is rarely spotted, but very important as nowadays it is difficult to notice a demanding situation in our lives, that’s why having a supergroup of specialists is important and mental health is key to keep you in your zen zone!

We hope this post help!

We also want to encourage you to wear a CGM every time to keep an eye 24/7 on glucose levels and any changes.

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