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  1. include Bubble Firmware v3.1 which fixed connection issues
  2. Add Calibration Algorithm beta test Press calibration mode 5 times and use code “GODMODE” to enable calibration.
  3. Add home screen widget for iOS 14
  4. Add Snoozed Off for separate Device/Glucose/Sensor Alarm
  5. Add MaxSensorLife check, would not force end the sensor on 14.5 days
  6. Add new Graphic Height limit
  1. Add more AppleWatchFace support
  2. Fix NFC scan for Libre2 sensor
  3. Fix bugs in Follower Mode
  4. Fix Libre 1 Reset logic
  5. Test NFC support for Pro sensor,especially for India Users
    Thanks to all donors, I would donate all your donations to JDRF

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