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Understanding the UI

Main Application Screen

  1. Date picker.
  2. Time as of the LAST reading.
  3. Most current glucose reading.
  4. Toggle graph to Line mode.
  5. Amount of Glucose change from prior reading to the current reading.
  6. Historical readings and visual indicator of past readings done in 5 min intervals. (when line mode is enabled (#4) this information is less clear.
  7. 24 hour timeline slider.
  8. Zoom slicer for #6 above in 1,3,6,9,12,24 hour intervals.
  9. Current alert status.
  10. Remaining Bubble battery.
  11. Connectivity status, and seconds remaining till the next reading or update.
  12. Libre Info Panel – Sensor type detected, sensor age with visual indicator.
  13. Your running statistics and time in each High, Low and In Range zone.
  14. Activates the “Main Application Screen”.
  15. Activates the “Settings Screen”.
Diabox mainscreen
Diabox home
The Main Application Screen

Settings Screen – About – Including Bubble Support Team

  1. Select to send a copy of your Bubble log/database to someone else via email. The database is a common DB stored in a SQLite DB. Recipients can browse this file, using the SQLIteBrowser, and you can download that here https://sqlitebrowser.org/dl/
Settings Screen Account

Main Settings Screen

  1. Select to toggle Speech Settings On or off. DiaBox will speak the following readings to you, which you can turn on or off each one individually.
    1. Blood Gluecose
    2. Trend (up/flat/down)
    3. Delta, +- x.x change
    4. Use custom thresholds then set custom high and low
    5. Override system volume, then set a custom volume for this reading.
  2. More alerts allows you to set the following
    1. Signal Loss
    2. Low Battery
    3. High
    4. Extreme Low
    5. Low
    6. Rise Rate
    7. Drop Rate
    8. Sensor ending
    9. Missed reading
  3. Select your language
  4. You can optionally set Master or Follower. If your someone monitoring someone else you care for then you should likely be a follower. The url is the URL of a free 3rd party and open source Nightscout Server. See the Nightscout section for more details.
  5. Data Collection for Abbott sensors or Dexcom.
  6. Time format is 12 Hr day or Military 24H.
  7. Units are mg/dL or mmol/L
  8. estimates A1C options are eA1C or IFCC
  9. Set thresholds for
    1. Extreme High
    2. High
    3. Target
    4. Low
    5. Urgent Low
    6. and the height of your graph



From the Settings menu there is an Integration option. You will choose this to setup your NightScout account. All that is needed is your URL which will look something like this https://YourNameHere.herokuapp.com/ where YourNameHere is the name you chose when you set up the account. Your key is what ever you set when you created up the site
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    • Fernando Montes

    • 4 weeks ago

    In Diabox sometimes appear the glucose level strikethrough, what does mean this??

      • Bubblan

      • 4 weeks ago

      That it has a missed reading.

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