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Big News

DiaBox iOS will be back soon… We just received information that the Diabox app will be put back on AppStore in the near future.   https://www.bubblan.org/diabox  
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In this lockdown! How are you dealing with healthy habits! Share with us your favorite apps for counting carbs and exercise! We love DiaBox for BS monitoring BTW! Bubble Freestyle Glucose Monitor  
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Diabox calibration

Rules in DiaBox (English Version) (please make sure the user read the following disclaimer before entering the calibration mode implemented in Android v20201115 & iOS v7.4.5 and higher) Disclaimer: This calibration feature is highly experimental. It is provided as an information resource only...
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About the Future

For Android Today we got a reply from GooglePlay, we have to submit a new App to address it followed GooglePlay’s rules, we will do it in the next 2–3 days, then after that version approved, the previous version will be back and we can update it from that version. For iOS We still wait...
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Diabetes and Kids

We want to send a special hug and a big congratulation to all of those kids living with Type 1 Diabetes! You all are warriors! There are many many kids worldwide living with this new lifestyle! If you are a friend or a parent of a Type 1 kiddo we want you to know you […]
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