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December discount

It’s Christmas, time to get a €20 euro discount at Bubblan Shop: Bubble Mini Keep your blood glucose control tight with automatic blood glucose updates every five minutes sent directly to your mobile device. Diabox for Android Bubble app Diabox is compatible with Android. Bubble is...
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Bubbles will be shipping soon

Dear family! Bubbles are on their way! As soon as they arrive we will be shipping to all of those who have been patiently waiting! We are sorry for the delay and we keep working for you! As you know we are a team of people living with diabetes and the last thing we want […]
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Sending Log File

DiaBox and IOS issues

Dear customers! We want you to know that DiaBox is an app made by people living with type 1 diabetes, like you! We know some of you have been having troubles with IOS but all the team is hard working to make everything better! We recommend to use or borrow an old Android phone to […]
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