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Travel Diabetes

To Travel Living With Diabetes

Some of us get that feeling of being scared when a journey comes around, maybe also a shade of excitement but also a lot of doubts and planning. To live with diabetes and havig a travel ahead is a truly headache sometimes, no matter how many times we have traveled all around of our own […]
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Diseño sin título (9)

The Mystery of Glucose Levels

Somedays you are 75% or up in range and other days you are either super high or super low! Let’s be honest! Many people living with diabetes and the ones who are close to us, know that feeling of frustration when glucose levels are all crazy! Sometimes we had some extra carbs and we know...
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Sending Log File

DiaBox and IOS issues

Dear customers! We want you to know that DiaBox is an app made by people living with type 1 diabetes, like you! We know some of you have been having troubles with IOS but all the team is hard working to make everything better! We recommend to use or borrow an old Android phone to […]
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