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pokerface bubblan


It is approximately the eighth day that you get up at midnight to go to the bathroom, it is already the fourth time so far this night, you do not feel that you have rested well these days, after you finish urinating you stare yourself into the mirror, you feel thinner and you have not […]
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Notas de la versión de Android e iOS

iOS 7.3.4 Release Notes:Press this text to update on Testflight. download link here above ↑ 1. Soluciona el error de bloqueo en iOS 14. 2. Optimiza el consumo de batería en el modo maestro. 3. Refactorice la lógica para la edad del sensor. 4. Soluciona el error de los interruptores del modo de...
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iOS update

include Bubble Firmware v3.1 which fixed connection issues Add Calibration Algorithm beta test Press calibration mode 5 times and use code “GODMODE” to enable calibration. Add home screen widget for iOS 14 Add Snoozed Off for separate Device/Glucose/Sensor Alarm Add MaxSensorLife check, would...
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