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Android Diabox

Android Update Release Notes: waiting GooglePlay Review 1.Add sensor Reset and Restart for Libre1 in NFC Mode 2.include Bubble Firmware v2.8 3.Add Savitzky-Golay smooth algorithm 4.fix bug for Libre Pro algorithm 5.fix Bluetooth disconnection issue during night ( it was casued by Android Doze...
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Diabox Bubble


What’s new : Add Libre Pro 14days raw data native decryption Android https://github.com/bubbledevteam/BubbleFW_FlashTool/releases/tag/Bubble_FW_v2.7 iOS https://github.com/bubbledevteam/BubbleFW_FlashTool/releases/download/Bubble_FW_v2.7/Bubble_FW_v2_7.zip You Will need nRF Toolbox to upgrade...
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Diabox Bubble

How to setup Bubble and Diabox

Get every five minutes and straight to your devices such as mobile phone, tablet, and smartwatch continuous glucose readings to prevent or avoid picks and curves from hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia through alarms. The App is available on iOS and Android. Bubble Glucose Monitor Device is available...
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New info Bubble restart Libre 1 sensors

Firmware 2.2 includes the restart function for libre 1 sensors. Click the image of the sensor 5 times on the sensor details pages.it will trigger Bubblan to reactivate the Libre 1 sensor automatically. (only possible with libre 1) NOTEThis is highly experimental wich can cause the sensor to break...
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