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Diabox Me

Diabox Me Testflight link Press the button to download testflight then press it again to download the Diabox me app. https://testflight.apple.com/join/Ynoo1pq7 5 clicks on setting –data source– Follower Mode, so you can enter Master Mode ,then you can connect it with Bubble
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Stay safe during X-mas

Diabetes during the holidays. Christmas is the time of year we all look forward to, but with the celebrations comes the consumption of a lot of sugary foods. Don’t forget that there are sugar-free alternatives out there to treat yourself. And always remember, whether you’re a type 1 or 2...
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In this lockdown! How are you dealing with healthy habits! Share with us your favorite apps for counting carbs and exercise! We love DiaBox for BS monitoring BTW! Bubble Freestyle Glucose Monitor  
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pokerface bubblan


It is approximately the eighth day that you get up at midnight to go to the bathroom, it is already the fourth time so far this night, you do not feel that you have rested well these days, after you finish urinating you stare yourself into the mirror, you feel thinner and you have not […]
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