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Android Diabox

Android Update Release Notes: waiting GooglePlay Review 1.Add sensor Reset and Restart for Libre1 in NFC Mode 2.include Bubble Firmware v2.8 3.Add Savitzky-Golay smooth algorithm 4.fix bug for Libre Pro algorithm 5.fix Bluetooth disconnection issue during night ( it was casued by Android Doze...
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Diabox Bubble


What’s new : Add Libre Pro 14days raw data native decryption Android https://github.com/bubbledevteam/BubbleFW_FlashTool/releases/tag/Bubble_FW_v2.7 iOS https://github.com/bubbledevteam/BubbleFW_FlashTool/releases/download/Bubble_FW_v2.7/Bubble_FW_v2_7.zip You Will need nRF Toolbox to upgrade...
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