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bubbble miin shipping

Bubble Mini is arriving!

Dear customers! We are happy to announce to all of those who purchased Bubble Mini at the Pre-order event you will receive it very soon! We are very grateful for your patience and again! Sorry for the inconvenience. Remember we can ship worldwide! If you are already a Bubble user and you are...
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Surgery and recovery

Hello family! I recently got surgery, I’m very weak. I’m trying to save people, but first, I need to save myself this stress is affecting me badly. Trust me bubbles are coming and you are all excited as me. But cut me one some slack I have worked for this for years and years and...
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Bubble Mini for kids

Bubble Mini is perfect for kids!

The new bubble mini will fit perfectly for kids! Forget about pinching their fingers and if you already are a bubble user, we promise you will double love this very new one because of it size, better Bluetooth connection and extended battery life! Pre-order: https://www.bubblan.org/ Beautifully...
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Hello, fam! First, a big thank you for your support and patient! I have recently been thru a surgery that involves the transplantation of donating living islet cells that get transported to my pancreas and within minutes the cells start to produce insulin, the islet cells get stuck at my pancreas, a...
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1–Fix Sensor warm up time Counter bug;2–Fix App crash when click setting on the devices;3–Add In-App New Version Check&Update;4–Add Translations for Portuguese, Español;5–Add Bubble Mini Support;6–Add Override system alarm volume feature; Download for android...
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