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Diabox Bubble

Now all Libre2(EU) / US 14 days decryption codes implemented in Bubble Firmwares v2.6.

It means that you can use Libre2(EU)/US 14 days sensor with Bubble(FW 2.6) and xdrip+/xdripswift offline directly,oop or oop server is unnecessary.

For DiaBox iOS users, it doesn’t need internet any more……



    • Francisco Javier Beltran de Hededia Miyares

    • 11 months ago

    The only downside I see to the system is that the charging connections are not accessible while it is being used. They should be so you can charge it while in use

      • Bubblan

      • 11 months ago

      It do not recommend that you charge it while you are wearing it. The risks that the device gets hot, it’s not safe, do it at your own risk.
      As we seen a lot of requests for this feature we are considering it in our upgrades to the device.

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